We're incubated

Building Brands & Investing in People

It's what we do


About Incubated

Incubated is well an incubator company, we help entrepreneurs, visionaries, startups, and SMEs grow.

We provide recourses such as office space, telecoms solutions, customer services, marketing, website, and investment to help build brands.

Our process is simple, we network to find emerging markets or savvy entrepreneurs who have great ideas but need a little support. We help incubate their ideas to get them to hatch into something great.

We're not a marketing agency, we are a small group involving high networth investors with a portfolio of over £50m, creative thinkers, and business coaches. We invest time, recourses or cold hard cash in return for equity.


It's Pretty Simple

Our team is built up of some private investors with a portfolio exceeding £50m, strategic thinkers and seasoned business coaches from a diversified background. How we work with new projects is pretty simple, and to be honest it really comes down to one thing, does our team get on with the idea/brand creator.

It starts with a chat

It all starts with a chat, whether we've bumped into you at a networking conference or simply found your product online. We have a chat to find out more about you, your idea or your product.

Sign partnership

We spend some time getting to know each other, our team meets you and anyone in your team. We essentially figure out if we're all going to work well together. If we proceed, then a partnership agreement is signed.

We give you tools

Once we know what we're doing, we use our team and all their tools to build, sculpt and plan how we're going to grow the project. From online marketing to software platforms and product manufacturing, we help with it all.

We incubate

Next step is the incubating stage, where we start helping you work on all aspects of the project. From looking for more funding, to launching websites and creating brand awerness.

We support growth

Once the project is growing we then move onto the growth stage, we help with HR, compliance, growing your team, growing sales, developing new products/services, strengthening the foundations of the business to ensure its future success and more.

Why not do it on your own? Many can, but many simply don't have the knowledge or team. They do however have a great idea! How long have you had a great idea you haven't done anything with yet?

Want our help launching something?

We're actually invite-only, so we only work with new brands or entrepreneurs who have been introduced to us. It means we don't get hammered by many different ideas, but mainly so we know who we're working with.

There are many people in the world, and after working, consulting or supporting various startups, we've come to realize we only want to work with like-minded people.

If you do have an idea and still want to chat, then email us at:

concept @ incubated.co.uk

Please don't send detailed ideas, high-level information is fine but don't provide anything which could fall under IP laws. This all comes once an NDA is in place. We may not respond, this doesn't mean we don't like your idea, it may just not be for us.

What we look for in an idea

International Scope

Something we know we can grow

Entrepreneurs who have time to put into it

Products we love

Join The Team

We're always looking for new talent to join our team. So if you're looking for something new, a great new challenge where every position we have has the opportunity to grow. Not only within the specific department within Incubated, but within the brands we build. You never know, you could be the next business owner!


We're looking for:

  • Business Development Executives (Junior and Senior, B2B)
  • Junior Facebook and Social Media Marketing wiz
  • Super Organised Admin Member
  • Friendly Customer Services
  • Email and SMS marketing Account Manager







We're Incubated, if you're looking to write to us then please don't, it's a waste of paper. Instead email!


If you really want to contribute to the fall of our rainforests, please send post to:

UK - 161 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH1 1JU
UK - 4 Alexia Square, London E14 9RE
USA -  Market St Suite, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States


Legal Stuff

We're not investment brokers, nor advisors, we don't promise any return on your investment, and as we're the ones investing in you, we also don't expect any guarantees.

If you have a tendancy to file lawsuites if things don't go your way, please email your idea to junkfile@incubated.co.uk and we'll ensure it's not read.

If you've pinched someone elses idea, please send it to shredder@incubated.co.uk and we'll ensure it's shredded.

If you enjoy finishing work early and having a drink on a friday.... well you're probably in the right place.

In short, if you're a realistic entrepreneur or startup who is struggling to launch and want to work with a great team, then get in touch. We can support the whole process from brand concept, website launch, software, processes and sales, it's what we do.

We don't offer investment advice, you will need to seek your own legal advice.